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  • X-ray Shielding Door X-ray Shielding Door
  • X-ray Shielding Door X-ray Shielding Door
X-ray Shielding Door
X-Ray Shielding Doors are used in diagnostic & radio therapy centres. As per international safety regulations, diagnostic and radio therapy rooms having X-ray machines should be built in such a way that hospital staff & patients present in the vicinity of harmful  rays radiation source are exposed to the minimum amount of radiation. Sliding doors are designed with lead shielding as inlay for such places.  Ozone provides X-Ray Shielding Doors which become an effective barrier to radiation in all directions. The adequacy of shielding depends on the material and thickness used for this purpose. 
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Maximum Door Weight 160 Kg / Leaf
Door Width 1070 mm to 1570 mm
Total Opening Width Required 2350 mm to 3350 mm
Installation Possibility Surface Mounted
Opening Speed 25 - 55 cm/sec (Adjustable)
Closing Speed 25 - 55 cm/sec (Adjustable)

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