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  • Three Panels Left Three Panels Left
  • Three Panels Left Three Panels Left
Three Panels Door Sliding Set

Ozone introduces the Glass Synchronized Manual Telescopic Sliding Door System to achieve maximum clear door opening space. Its glass panels can be stacked on one side in-line with top track and require minimum parking space i.e. minimum space for stacking the panels. 

Its ideal applications are in residential and commercial interior spaces as internal partitioning system. For more details, send an enquiry at

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  1. Maximum opening space
  2. Parallel stacking to the track with minimum parking space
  3. Requires no bottom track
  4. Sliding panels are interlinked
  • Maximum Width of Panels – 1000mm
  • Maximum Weight of Panels – 90kg
  • Maximum Thickness of Glass – 10/12mm
  • Available Track Length – 3mtr & 4mtr
  • Finish: Aluminium Anodized
Telescopic User Manual -Glass
User Manual User Manual      
Telescopic Glass Sliding Door System

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