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T-Shower Hinge for Adjacent Dual Opening Doors

Ozone's New Double Action 3 Way Shower Cubicle Door Hinge enables doors movement of two adjacent frameless shower enclosures or cubicles and holds the fixed glass partition silently in between as a connector. It is a Double Action 3 way Shower Hinge which means it allows inward as well as outdoor door opening and it holds 02 door and one partition in between as shown in the image. Ozone recommends inward door opening. It is made with SS 304 material and available in Polished Stainless Steel finish. This new Double Action 3 Way Shower Cubicle Door Hinge is suitable for glass door thickness of 8-10mm and door width 700mm. It’s perfect solution  for adjoining shower cubicles. 

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Double Action 3-Way 'T' Shower Hinges

  • Maximum Glass Thickness: 8-10mm
  • Maximum door width: 700mm
  • Opening: inward (recommended) and outward
  • Self-closing function activates once door reaches 30°
  • Available with SS 304 grade material
  • Available- PSS, BM

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