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Ozo-Vault Room Door (Strong Room)
Ozo-Vault (Strong room) Door Design Specifications as per IS 11188 (Part 1): 2014 Ozo-Vault (Strong room) Doors are “Made in India” and are manufactured from best quality material using state-of–the–art-technology. The strong room doors are capable of withstanding the
stress and exposure to fire, extraneous force and attack to which doors are subjected to while in service.
Main Door (Outside):
The main door is designed in such way that the plates are strongly rimmed and welded to form a single structure and tightly enclosing a slab of high speed drill-resisting and oxyacetylene torch–resisting material. The door fits snugly in to the door frame.
Ventilating Grill Gate (Inside): Ventilating Grill Gate is hinged on strong room door frame such that it opens inside, either from left to right or from right to left as required by the user. An unpickable dual control locking device, capable of being operated from both sides of the door is fitted in the grill gate.
Locking Mechanism: Lock case is firmly secured to the door slab making the door slab and lock case integral. The shooting bolt mechanism is controlled by two 8 levers high precision dual control unpickable special key locks. Keys are single bitted type for Class C & Class B doors. Combination lock as well as Time lock can be fitted with the doors and available as an option at extra unit price. Automatic Relocking Device is fitted with the door which, being always on guard comes into operation, if a lock is dislodged by explosives or attacked by other means.
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Dimensions Class C Class B
Main Door Main Door
TRTL-15, RF-30 TRTL-15, FR-30
Overall dimensions of strong room door HxW 222x1294 2225x1294
Width over door frame A 1294 1294
Clear Opening door open at 180 degree 1980x950 1955x950
Clear Opening door open at 90 degree C 1980x815 1955x795
Projection of door open at 180 degree E 275 295
Overall width of grill gate and frame when grill gate is open at 180 degree G 2316 2316
Overall width of grill gate and frame when grill gate is open at 180 degree M 2150 2150
Wall thickness (recommendation)   305-380 305-380


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