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Steel High Security Doors
Steel High Security Doors
With special construction details and additional security hinges, Ozone’s robust doors offer double protection against burglars and miscreants.They have multi point locks reinforced laminated cores and high security glazing producing a range of secure door sets that are suitable for high security applications. They also enhance ventilation while a main key activates multiple points of locking, thereby turning the door into a foolproof security system. No third party certification required.
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  • Door Size:2000x900mm
  • Opening with 900 opening angle, both side
  • PVC wood imitation steel sheet on the inside (of the building) and on the outside a MDF board panel with PVC in
  • RED colour
  • Filling Honeycomb Paper
  • Spanish Electronic Security lock with Anti-crowbar device & door opening limitator
  • Opening system options: Proximity key & Numerical code
  • Surface treatment to achieve desired design & super premium finish.
  • Locking options available from Ozone range.
  • Door Frame
  • Security frame
  • Door Leaf
  • Electro-zinc plus steel Sheet of 01mm thickness
  • Hidden draught excluder
  • Wooden leaf profile & wooden panel
  • Lining stream cover in PVC Locking system
  • High security locking system that enables door opening by means of proximity key or numerical code.
  • Security lock with lock reinforcement
  • Deviators at 02 positions, top & bottom side
  • Anti-crowbar device Other hardware
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Spyhole
  • Automatic lowered door threshold
  • Open limitator
  • Opening Angle: Open inside or outside, opeing degree 90°,
  • Residences

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