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OZ-SP-10A Life
Smart Plug 10A Life
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The 10A wireless smart plug is designed to allow maximum flexibility and ease in running your home. With a one-app control to keep track of your appliances and the availability to set timers and monitor schedules, the smart plug enables you to access your home anywhere and at any time


  • VOICE CONTROL: The smart plug is equipped with voice control compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to ensure the smooth running of your smart home
  • GLOBAL REMOTE ACCESS: The smart plug can be controlled remotely, giving the user access to home appliances, regardless of their location
  • REAL TIME MONITORING: Users can monitor the status of their smart plugs in real-time to avoid wastage of electricity (through the Ozolife mobile app)
  • POWER SUPPLY CONTROL: The smart plug has a capacity of 10A and allows users to track the power usage while their appliances are plugged in
  • SCHEDULE AND TIMER: The smart plug has a function of setting up customizable schedules and timers for daily-use appliances such as computer, water purifier, etc. so they automatically switch on and off without supervision
  • ONE APP CONTROL: Using the smart pug, your entire home ecosystem can be controlled using one app on your smartphone for an easy, safe, and secure living

The 10 A Ozone Wi-Fi Smart Plug is here to make your life Easy and Secure with the intelligence of convenience. This plug lets you control your appliances through your smartphone, no matter where you are. It works smoothly with a Wi-Fi connection of 2.4G and is compatible with Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.
Simply plugin and connect your appliance to your smartphone through OzoLife App, and you are good to go. The plug does not require additional wiring or drilling and manages the power supply to avoid burnout.
Use it to control appliances such as fans, television, water pumps, lamps, chandeliers, toasters, etc. and live life on the go.

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