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  • Stabilizing Fitting Stabilizing Fitting
Stabilizing Fitting
(to use with Reinforcement Bars for Adjoining Shower Cubicles)

Stabilize fitting is applied to ensure better stability of adjoining shower cubicle glass panels. Its perfect T-shape fitting that helps connecting the reinforcement bars at T-Junction. 
Ozone offers reinforcement bar fittings in varied design, shape and finishes to match with Shower Hinges & Connectors to ensure symmetrical look. 

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  • Provides excellent stability to the glass pannels of the adjoining shower cubicles against any impact.
  • To use with reinforcement bar Fittings 
  • Grub screws to hold the pipe
  • Suitable for 19mm rod/pipe
  • Connect the Rod at 'T' type Junctions
  • SS304 grade material 
  • Finish: PSS

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Stabilizing Fitting (OSKH-T STD PSS)

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