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RFID Card Hotel Guest Room Lock
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  • Software Based Hotel Guest Room Lock
  • Suitable door thickness : 35mm-50mm
  • Compatible with PMS
  • Multiple management cards are provided (Time setting card, Floor card, Master card, Group card, Guest card)
  • Audit trail device can record 1000 last entry transactions
  • Mechanical key option in case of emergency
  • Alarms when door is not closed  properly
  • Separate product for left & right opening door
  • Terminating function
  • Passage function
  • Low battery indicator
  • Power supply: 1.5 V battery(AA) -4 Pcs
  • Finish : SSS
  • Hotel Guest Rooms 

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RFID Card Hotel Guest Room Lock (OZHDL-111 RF-R-L)

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