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Automatic Revolving Door System
The façade of any building speaks everything about the thought and attitude inside it. Similarly, however good and interesting the building might be from outside, it’s entrance system has to be perfect, functional, safe and designed according to the traffic requirement in and out of the building. Revolving Glass Doors are installed due to the varied security & user benefits other than imparting a spectacular appearance to the entrance. From saving energy to acting as security door, automatic doors offer a wealth of benefits
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Type of drive unit Automatic
Roof outside color Anodized 
Roof outside   Water proof with 2 side drainages 
Diameter 1800 - 3600mm
Total height 2500mm
Number of door leafs  3 / 4  leaf
Door Locking Key locking with drop bolt
Lighting 3 x 12Vdecoration light
Accessories Emergency stop button, Drive unit, Button programme switch & Handicap Switch (2sets)
Sensor Radar Sensor
Safety Sensor Leading Mullion sensor (safety sensor for Inside and outside entrance)
Power Supply 220 V/AC + 10% 50 Hz
High Speed Adjustment Range  1 - 4 RPM
Low Speed Adjustment Range 0.5 - 1.5 RPM
Motor Power 250 W
Lighting Power 300 W
Control System Power 50 W
*available against confirmed project orders with lead time

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Automatic Revolving Door System (OZONE-KA023)

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