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  • Password Lock Password Lock
  • Master Pin Code Master Pin Code
  • User Pin Code User Pin Code
  • Password Lock Application Password Lock Application
Password Lock
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  • Size in mm: (H)96 x (W)42 x (D)26.3
  • Size in inch: (H)3.77 x (W)1.65 x (D)1.03
  • Weight in Kg: 0.096 (Kg)
  • Protect your cabinets and cupboards from unauthorized entry. The Ozone Digital Furniture Lock OZFL-301 V-PK is a solid furniture lock and is easily accessible. It is compact, easy to handle, and can be utilized for cabinets, almirahs, and cupboards
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Metal Furniture Lock OZFL-301 V- PK; 4 AA batteries & User Manual; Screw set
  • Master & User PIN Code Access: Makes you the sole guardian of the valuables inside the cabinet; a 4-15 digit code can be entered for PIN - both User & Master PIN Code
  • Wood/Metal Thickness: Suitable for 1-18mm
  • High-Security Emergency Key: Ensures that you can still operate the safe even if you have forgotten your PIN number
  • Touch Screen Digital Panel: Provides convenience and familiarity and lets you see the numbers; Number buttons are spaced far apart, so no re-entering of PIN code or overlapping of digits
  • Auto Secure/Freeze Mode: The lock automatically freezes and sounds an audio alarm after 4 consecutive wrong PIN attempts
  • Public Mode: Keeps your cabinet unlocked when you have guests over, or when you need to operate the contents of the cabinet frequently
  • Scramble PIN Code Technology: Enter any number within 16 digits, and the lock will unlock as long as the correct password is included in its original sequence
  • Micro USB Port: USB External Battery Power Backup option if the battery runs out
Front panel lock 1Nos.
Backpanel 1Nos.
Countersunk screw packet 1Nos.
User installation manual 1Nos.
Battery 2Nos.(AAA)    
Key 1Nos.
Cam 1Nos.
USB Cable 1Nos.


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