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  • Pantry Unit Pantry Unit
Pantry Units With Square / Round Rail
  • Ergotec Pantry Unit's inner drawers can be installed at any height as per your choice
  • Simply take one of our Ergotec standard 84 mm drawer set and with addition of Pantry Drawer Front Set turn your cabinet into Pantry/Larder Unit
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  • Flexibility to choose shelf width upto 900mm
  • 03 different drawer heights available - 84mm, 135mm & 199mm
  • Railing Design options available - Square & Round
  • Weight carrying capacity per drawer - 35 Kgs
  • Wide angle auto close hinges extra for pantry unit door shutter?
  • Set comprises of - Standard height drawer, Medium height drawer, Large height drawer
Item Code Detail Standard Height
(84mm, Length
Medium Height
(135mm, Length
Tall Height
(199mm, Length
OE-PU-FP 1100MM MG Front panel 1100mm 01 PC (as per length requirement) 01 PC (as per length requirement) 01 PC (as per length requirement)
OE-PU-FB 84mm MG Front bracket 84mm 01 set - -
OE-DWDS-ACC-BB MG 84mm Back bracket 84mm 01 set - -
OE-DWDS-w/o BB MG 500mm Metal walls & L/R sliding channel-500mm 01 set 01 set 01 set
OE-PU-FB 135mm MG Front bracket 135mm - 01 set -
OE-DWDS-ACC-BB MG 135mm Back bracket 135mm - 01 set -
OE-PU-RLSQ 500mm MG Single SQUARE rail gallery 500mm - 01 set 01 set
OE-PU-FHSQ-1100mm MG Square front handle 1100mm - 01 PC(as per length requirement) 01 PC(as per length requirement)
OE-PU-FB 199mm MG Front bracket 199mm - - 01 set
OE-DWDS-ACC-BB MG 199mm Back bracket-199mm - - 01 set
OE-PU-RLSQ-D 500mm MG Double SQUARE rail gallery 500mm - - 01 set


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