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Fire Rated Push Panic Bar
Available sizes
Item Code
Maximum door
Wdth / Ht(mm)
MRP (Rs)/Pc
Upto 1100/2400 12590
OZ-PB-TCV-F-1020MM SSS Upto 1400/2400 14370


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  • Push bar for fire and smoke check doors
  • Stainless steel latch and security anti-thrust latch
  • Certified as per UL 10C
            1-3HOURS FIRE RATED
          - For Hollow Metal Door: 3 Hours Fire Rated
          - For Wooden Door: 1.5 Hours Fire Rated
  • Suitable for maximum door thickness upto 60mm
  • No dogging device
  • External body part material of SS 304 grade
  • Push bar body material of SS 304 grade
  • Steel mechanism housing
  • SS Rear cover plate
  • Aluminium SSS head cover
  • Compatible with external trim OZ-PB-CTRIM-F-STD SSS

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Fire Rated Push Panic Bar (OZ-PB-TCV-F-842MM SSS)

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