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Office and Residence Doors
Office and Residence Doors
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• Frame Sheet Thickness: 1.2mm
• Leaf Sheet Thickness: 0.8mm Infill: Honeycomb Kraft Paper
• Lock System:
   - Lock: OZML-DLI-50 MM SS
   - Cylinder: OMC-11-K2K-N-70
• SS Butt Hinge: OZ-SS-BH 4x3x3
• Door Closer: NSK-680
• Door Handle: OGH-11 (Pull Side D Type)
• Other Hardware (Optional):
   - Kick Plate
   - Drop Seal
   - Door Bumpers
   - Door Stopper
• MOC: GPSP with Zinc Coating
• Finish: Epoxy Polyester Powder Coated
• Door Dimension: upto 2400mm wide and 3000mm height

• Made for internal application
• Customised Design Options
• Can be Single/Double leaf door
• Ensures Good Ventilation

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