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Fire warrior-1700
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Vibration / Tempering Alert
SMS will go to upto 7 mobile numbers & blow hooter on movement or tempering of Safe.
Wrong User Code/Password Input Alert
If wrong User Code/ Password applied, 03 times consecutively, SMS will be sent to 07 mobile
numbers & blow hooter. To conserve the batteries, the Safe will go in sleep mode for 01 minute
after applying wrong User Code/ Password, 03 times consecutively, and will not accept
any User Code during this period.
Hooter with Each Safe
Notify system has provision for Hooter alert. On detecting Vibration/ Tempering or wrong
User Code/ Password inputs, 03 times consecutively, the Hooter will give a buzzer. The
hooter being sim based could be installed at a distance from the Safe.
SMS Configuration
i) Max 28 characters message can be configured for each separately, for wrong password & tempering
ii) Once configured the same message text will be sent by Notify System. It can be changed by admin
later anytime
Imp. Note: Notify Series Safes’ Lock setting be kept at combination of User Code with
Mechanical Key for additional safety to thwart compromise on User Code
  • Locking System : Combination of Electronic Locking & Manual Key
  • Operating System : Access by dual combination of 4-8 digits User Code with Mechanical Key.
  • Construction : Special Fire Proof Stuffing Material (Cellulose, Concrete) inside
  • Additional Security Features :

·         Auto Locking System

·         Code Hiding Option

·         Alarm activation on 03 wrong code inputs consecutively Resulting into 1 Minute Beep Sound Alert

·         The door has live-action locking bolts to secure the door in place

·         Low Battery Indicator

·         Adjustable shelves provided

  • Certification : Conform to UL Test Standards
  • No. of User : Single
  • Door Opening Angle : 180°
  • Size (mm) : (H) 1700 x (W) 800 x (D) 630
  • Size (inch) : (H) 66.93 x (W) 31.50 x (D) 24.80
  • Weight (Kg.) : 525 (Approx.)
  • Volume (Ltr.) : 417
  • Accessories: 3 Adjustable Shelf & 1 Drawer Inside
  • Color: White

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