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Upper fixing door strip
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      Upper fixing door strip OMPS W-2

  • Fixed to top of Sliding Panel Without roller with top Lock-OMPS-W6.
  • Casting Material:-Aluminium.
  • Cover Material:-SS-304
  • Finish:-SSS


Sliding Folding System

  • Do not required space for making parking.
  • Each Panels move linearly into Aluminium top track Channel (75X75) of Aluminium Finish, hung with help of nylon roller fixed with top rail/Profile of SS-304 material and Aluminium Finish.
  • Each Panels are integrated to each-other with help of SS-304 hinges fixed at top/Bottom profile.
  • Top track of Aluminium (75X75),hung to MS structure or solid concrete (NOT IN OZONE SCOPE).
  • Bottom rail would be lock into the floor with dust excluding socket of SS-304.
  • Each would would be stack/park at designed(AS PER DESIGN PROVIDE BY OZONE DEPEND UPON THE DOOR CONFIGURATION).
  • Max Height:- 3000mm
    Max widht:- 1000mm
    Max Glass Thickness:- 12mm Toughened GlassMax Weight :-90kg

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