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Wall to Glass Hydraulic Hinges
(Suitable for Exterior & Interior Application High Quality Spring | Smooth & Soft Closing Function | Elegant Design)
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  • Spring loaded hydraulic hinges
  • Durability: 50,000 cycles tested
  • Hold Open: 90° with adjustable opening and
  • closing speed and no hold open option
  • Can be used for double action doors also
  • Secure holding with glass
  • No oil leakage: Imported seal material, delicate structure, process control on quality
  • Suitable for door size: 1000 X 2000mm
  • Max glass thickness: 8 to 15mm
  • Max door weight: 60 Kg (Each Pair)
  • Max closing force: 4-8nm
  • Opening angle: 95° (Double Action)
  • Working temperature: 30-60°C
  • Material: SS-304.
  • Finish: Aluminium

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Wall to Glass Hydraulic Hinges (OZ-DH-H1 SSS)

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