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Human Disinfection Chamber
Human Disinfection Chamber-PRO, 360 degree sanitization solution

Ozone Human Disinfection Chamber is a custom-designed & cost-effective solutions for 360-degree sanitization of people entering or visiting places like office complexes, malls, airports, hotels, hospitals, residential complexes etc. It sanitizes a person in 03 easy steps: 
Hand sanitation 
Body Temperature measurement
Full Body fogging  

It is made with Mild steel (CRCA Sheet) with an epoxy-based powder coating of 60-80 micron. Its compact size makes it fit even for buildings having small entrance areas. 
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  • Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Induction sensor to measure body temperature
  • Temperature display screen- small size
  • Go & Stop Indicator
    • Red Light starts blinking with Alarm if body temperature detected above normal, to stop the person from entering the premises
    • Green Light starts blinking if body temperature detected within normal range and droplet free fine spray starts automatically to sanitize the body
  • Perforated floor with dust /water trap
  • Cost-effective solutions for smaller premises or buildings
  • Material: Mild steel (CRCA Sheet) with epoxy-based powder coating of 60-80 micron
  • Installation space required (mtr.)- 1.3 (W) x 1.0 (D) x 2.2 (Ht)
  • In-built 7 nozzles-3 each on left & right side and 01 on top
  • Required power supply: 220v, 50 Hz
  • The liquid storage tank of up to 55 liters capacity
  • Designed for effective full-body disinfection coverage
Ozone Human Disinfectant & Sanitization Chamber

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