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  • Easy Fit Frame Easy Fit Frame
  • Easy Fit Frame Easy Fit Frame
OE.BLU.F 1500mm Std Black
Easy Fit Frame

Ozone Bed Lift-up System is offered from Furniture Fittings range of Ozone in 02 frame sizes -900mm & 1520mm and includes compatible pumps in 04 weight capacity. These bed lift up systems come with easy to lift & stay mechanism for ease of accessing storage under bed.
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       Type            Wt. Capacity                  Item Code
Pumps 50kg OE.BLU.P 500N Black
75kg OE.BLU.P 750N Black
120kg OE.BLU.P 1200N Black
150kg OE.BLU.P 1500N Black


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  • Available in 04 load capacity
  • Effortless Opening
  • 33 degree (wide) opening angle for easy access
  • Easy to lift with the weight of top board
  • Top Stay Feature
  • Long Brackets for better support to bed platform
  • Easy to Install
  • Maximum Opening Angle: 33 degree
  • Finish: Black
  • Frame Length: 900mm
  • Frame Length: 1520mm
  • Pump (Capacity) 50kg, 75kg, 120kg & 150kg

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