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  • OZ-SD-754 (Floor Guide) OZ-SD-754 (Floor Guide)
  • OZ-LYON-101 (Wooden Clamp) OZ-LYON-101 (Wooden Clamp)
OZSL-P-S-Track 2 mtr SSS
Office Door Sliding System for Wooden Doors -2MTR (STANDARD)
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  • Soft closing Single Sliding Wooden Door
  • Suitable for Office, Kitchen, Living Room and Pocket Doors
  • Elegant and Slim design
  • Systems can be mounted on Glass, wall and ceiling.
  • Internationally patented in Germany as per EN1527 standards
  • Roller tested for 100,000 cycles
  • Hydraulic soft closing bumper-Tested for 2,00,000 impact cycles
  • Energy efficient - prevents AC loss by allowing minimum 5mm gap between sliding & fixed glass
  • Adjustable soft closing pulling force for different door weight 40-80 kgs
  • Slim Track Size: 54x58mm
  • Door height adjustment +/-3.5mm on carriage and prevent the de-railing of sliding door
  • Max. door weight: 40-80kgs/ 2 carriages
  • Aluminium anodised top track
  • Finish: SS or brushed clear
  • Length (mtr.): 2MTR (STANDARD), 4MTR(Against order)
  • Wooden clamp-OZ-LYON-101 for handing the wooden doors
  • Floor guide OZ-SD-754

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