Product Detail

OGH-552-ED-SSS-40x10x600 SSS
Glass Door Handle
Product Code
Overall length of
Handle (A)
Centre to centre of
Hole (B)
Handle Section Hole diameter
for glass
OGH-552-ED-40x10x450mm 450mm 298mm 40 x 10mm 12mm
OGH-552-ED-40x10x600mm 600mm 450mm 40 x 10mm 12mm
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Rectangular Section 'H' Type Pull Handle

  • Rectangular section Pull Handle With Back to Back installation on Glass/Wooden/Metals Doors.
  • In case of Wooden Exteneded Spindle would be provided on request.
  • Gaskets to prevent the contact between glass and metal.
  • Two sizes to choose from:
  • Material:-Stainless Steel Grade 304
  • Finish: SSS

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