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OCX.001.K60 RR CP/SN
Contractor Series Door Handle Kit 01
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Kit Includes:(OCX.001.K60-RR CP/SN)

1.Lever Handle to Suit 8mm Follower.

  • Round rosettes and escutcheon
  • Material:-Zinc
  • Finish:-CP/SN

2.OML-11-E 45X85MM CP.

  • Backset:-45mm
  • CTC:-85mm
  • Material:-SS-304
  • Finish:-CP

3.OMC-22-K2K-N 60MM SN.

  • Lenght:-60mm
  • Operation:-Both Side Key.
  • Material:-Brass
  • Finish:-SN

Also available kits :

  • OCX.001.N60 RR CP/SN
    • With Key to Knob 60mm long
    • Rest of Specification same as said above
  • OCX.001.K70 RR CP/SN
    • With Both Side key 70mm Long.
    • Rest of specification is same as said above.
  • OCX.001.N70 RR CP/SN
    • With Key to Knob 70mm Long
    • Rest of Specification is same as said above.


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