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Digital Screen kiosk (with keyboard)
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  • Digital Screen kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software designed within a public exhibit that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, and education.
  • Plays a key role in communicating with potential users.
  • Provides interactive platform to brands for enhances user experience for their solutions offered
  • Hardware is largely determined by the software program and kiosk software configuration.


  • Manufactured with MS Powder coated Sheet.
  • Stainless steel -304 grade cladding around digital display screen.
  • With provision of inbuilt Monitor screen and keyboard
  • Financial service Kiosk
  • Tele-kiosk
  • Photo kiosk
  • Internet kiosk
  • Movie ticket kiosk
  • Restaurant kiosk
  • DVD Vending kiosk
  • Visitor Management and security kiosk
  • Building directory and way finding kiosk
  • Hospital and medical clinic registration & check-in kiosks
  • Information Kiosk


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