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  • Morphy BT Morphy BT
  • Morphy BT Morphy BT
  • Morphy BT Morphy BT
  • Morphy BT Morphy BT
  • Morphy BT Morphy BT
  • Morphy BT Morphy BT
  • Morphy BT Morphy BT
  • Morphy BT Morphy BT
OZ-FDL-03 BL Std
Morphy BT
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  • Size in mm: (H)170 x (W)70 x (D)20
  • Size in inch: (H)6.69 x (W)2.75 x (D)0.78
  • Weight in Kg: 2.5(Kg)
  • 24 Months Warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Safeguard your home with the sought-after digital door lock with a range of features. The Morphy Digital Lock for doors is primed for security and functionality. Its sleek design supports its versatility! Suitable for 35-75mm door thickness.
  • Universal Handle: Can be conveniently placed on both left and right sides depending on the direction of the opening side of the door. Strong, easy-grip metallic handle for simple movement
  • Modes of Access: Fingerprint Access; RFID Card, Emergency Override Key, OzoLok Mobile App, and User PIN Code
  • OzoLok Mobile App: Mobile access allows you to unlock the door via the App through Bluetooth and other wireless protocols. You can control the door from anywhere in the world. You can also give permanent, time-based, OTP & cyclic access through the App
  • Gateway Connection: Connect this device to your WiFi, and you can access the Lock through remote control using the OzoLok Mobile App
  • Passage Mode: This Mode enables manual locking in areas that do not require locking every time it is accessed so that the door does not get locked every time it shuts and gives the User the convenience of physically locking the door when required
  • Auto Secure Alarm: Activation of audio alarm immediately after Smart Freeze Mode
  • Smart Freeze Mode: The lock automatically freezes after 4 consecutive wrong PIN attempts
  • Low Battery Notification: The device triggers an alarm if the battery comes below a user-defined threshold reminding users to replace batteries a few days before the discharge period.

ideally used for Main & Internal wooden doors for maximum thickness 80mm

Morphy BT Digital Door Lock

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