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  • OBBS-4511SC OBBS-4511SC
OBBS-4511SC-N-450MM-18” ZINC
Soft Close Ball Bearing Slides
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• Full extension with soft close mechanism ball bearing slides
• New improved soft close mechanism for better stability and smooth working of drawer
• Stable construction owes to tolerances in drawer construction errors
• Equipped with separable and stopping release latch
• Fine adjustment for gap allowed during fixing
• SGS certified operational life of 60,000 cycles 
• SGS certified surface durability by testing for 48 hrs. salt spray test

• Load capacity up to 35 kg 
• Available sizes: 300-600mm (12-24 inch) 
• Width of channel: 45mm 
• Installation width: 12.7mm 
• Material : Work hardened cold rolled steel 
• Finish: Zinc

Kitchen, Wardrobe, Bedside table drawer, Living room drawer, Vanity storage drawer, Commercial space, Storage area

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