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Automatic Swing Doors
The Ozone Automatic Swing Door Systems are programmed for heavy duty usage. This system is an ideal solution where sliding autodoors can not be installed due to space constains. These system can be installed on any framed door as well as frameless glass doors. Integrated can be with Access and control systems / sensors. The system also have the push and go function which ensure high safety and zero accident as it goes back the moment if touches any body / object while opening and closing. These doors can installed in Hospitals, Public Building, Retail Outlets, Stations, Airports, Shops and Restaurants.
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Max. Door Width 1000 mm
Max. Door Weight 100 Kgs
Opening Direction Both Side
Installation Concealed
Door Type Suitable for Pivoted Framed Doors & Framless Glass Doors
Functional - Automatic Swing Door System

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Automatic Swing Doors (OZOM-CSDO-01)

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