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Semi Automatic Sliding Door System
The Semi Automatic Doors System is a sliding door which is opened manually but closes automatically on its own with the help of an air cylinder mechanism. It does not require any electrical connection. Another feature of this door is that it closes softly on the last end making its closing very smooth and silent. The closing speed can be adjusted as per the traffic movement and opening size. The maximum door width possible for this system can be 1000mm and the maximum door weight 80kg. The door can be integrated with standard locks. An ideal application for these doors is rest room entrances, conference rooms etc. The system can be used for frameless glass as well as framed/wooden doors.
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  • Suitable for Frameless glass doors, wooden doors & framed doors
  • Door open manually and closes automatically
  • Come with in-built air cylinder mechanism
  • No electrical connection required
  • Soft & Silent door closing
  • Closing Speed can be adjusted
  • Standard locks available in market can be integrated

Semi Automatic Door Technical Parameters

Single leaf max opening width 1000 mm
Maximum door weight 80 Kg
Maximum door height 2100 mm
Door Type Framed & Frameless Doors
Door parking when open Possible
Glass cutout   Not required
Control System compatibility Yes

MRP Includes:-(Motor, Controller, Engine Case & Cover, Hanger Roller, Side Plates, Timing Belt, Belt Connectors, Stopper, Power Switch, Belt Adjustment, Pulley)

Functional - Semi Automatic Sliding Door with Air Cylinder Mechanism

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